My Wedding Dress

The search for my wedding dress was easy. My opinion on wedding dresses was to keep it simple and affordable and ACCESSORIZE it up!! I went to David’s Bridal with my mom and chose two of five dresses. Both were under $400….Perfect!! I went back a few times and decided on dress #4…

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I purchased my veil from, which is now My silver sash (pic above) was from Etsy lovelikestyle. Julia from lovelikestyle was very kind to hand dye this sash silver and it turned out wonderful. I chose silver to match my husband’s ascot and the groomsmen ties. In addition, I purchased  a bridal pearl and crystal shoulder necklace from Etsy lillianshum. My favorite accessory, that I chose to spend money, on was my brooch bouquet. I was hunting around on Etsy and saw a few brooch bouquets. None that stuck out. However, I found one in particular that was cute. I emailed the seller to inquire on the details. However, I held off a week to think about whether I should do real flowers or DIY artificaial flowers. After I decided on DIY artificial flowers, I definitely wanted to purchase this particular brooch bouquet. When I was ready to purchase it, to my dismay, it was sold. This prompted my very first wedding meltdown. I emailed Trina from Etsy The FlowerLover and she put together another brooch bouquet that was more beautiful. I chose a brooch bouquet instead of flowers because it can be my keepsake and heirloom. It was the talk of my ceremony and reception. And last but not least, I purchased blue shoes for my “something blue”.

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