2/4/15- Boot Camp Day 3: Where to Grow – Garden Tribe

This year, I'll begin our edible garden with smaller growth veggies and herb on the balcony. The balcony is east facing with north and south facing sides. There isn't access to a garden hose but easy for us to bring buckets of water out. It is not accessible to critters. The balcony has a good … Continue reading 2/4/15- Boot Camp Day 3: Where to Grow – Garden Tribe


Where did time go………

My baby girl turned 6 months this month. Like many moms, I'm quite emotional about it. Mostly because I'm a working mom and full-time student and I'm gone most weekdays, all day. Between my husband and I, I'm gone out of the home the most. I dedicate the evenings and nights with baby and all … Continue reading Where did time go………

MommyCon Chicago 2015

I just registered for the Chicago MommyCon 2015on 2/21.  It's my first ever and I'll be bringing baby with me in our Ergo. Not only am I excited to see the my favorite products- Ergo, Beco, Arm's Reach, Lullaby Earth, Milkies, and Babyganics but the workshops and seminars are a must. Some of the workshops … Continue reading MommyCon Chicago 2015

What I Really Needed to Prepare for Baby….

As my baby reaches her 6 month milestone, I've realized that I overstocked on baby stuff. However, I'll never regret my collection of second hand clothes that I've collected since my pregnancy. I watch out daily for mamas posting their giveaways. Baby clothes are expensive and my baby has gone through multiple growth spurts. She's … Continue reading What I Really Needed to Prepare for Baby….