Count Down to Closing……..

My husband and I are counting down to closing on our first home. We’ve had so many challenges purchasing this home. We’ve walked away multiple times and had to reschedule the closing date twice, not in any part of our doing. The current owner has lived here for 30+ years and kept changing his mind. His children grew up here and didn’t want to let go either. We totally understand. However, we knew this house was for us. The owner enjoyed this home mostly in the 80’s. As you can see from the decor, this house is stuck in the past. I wasn’t too concerned over aesthetics as much as the structure. After all, this house was built in 1895 and had some history.

My husband and I absolutely love the “old timey ways”. By old timey, I mean originality and character of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We love Frank Lloyd Wright and prairie style furniture. We love brown wood and items that aren’t duplicated.

When we did the very first showing for this house, I fell in love with it…the house, not the decor. I knew it had potential and we could make changes to reflect our personality. However, this could become a very expensive and long term project. We sent in an inspector to check the structure. We received great news… the house was structural sound but had a few minor issues like electric and plumbing. I was relieved that it was a minimal expense less than $5000. Talks began soon after but lasted for months on every aspect of buying and selling, imaginable. After a few months of stress, we finally set the date for closing on June 20, 2014.

I am extremely excited but anxious at the same time to see this house bare naked on our final walk through on Thursday. I look forward to sharing the transformation of our home. In addition, the pieces of my thrifty finds to furnish with.

Below is the BEFORE……….

















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