MommyCon Chicago 2015

I just registered for the Chicago MommyCon 2015on 2/21.  It’s my first ever and I’ll be bringing baby with me in our Ergo. Not only am I excited to see the my favorite products- Ergo, Beco, Arm’s Reach, Lullaby Earth, Milkies, and Babyganics but the workshops and seminars are a must.


Some of the workshops I’m interested in are mom Body Fitness, Books, Babies, and Toddlers, The Leaky Boob, Preparing for a Sibling, and if baby can make it until 4p, Giveaways with the Baby Guys NYC. I’m truly excited to attend this event, especially with baby.



We enjoyed MommyCon Chicago!! However, for next year I’ll opt for a half day ticket. Baby did great and didn’t fuss We didn’t get there until 11a and stayed til 4p. The half day ticket schedule is 1p to 5p which would be enough time to attend workshops and shop. We were in and out of seminars and mostly walked around to shop and mingle with other moms. MommyCon is a true supported of breastfeeding and baby wearing  with lots of vendors that support the same values. This will be an annual outing for baby and I. There was special areas to feed/nurse, nap and rest, and diaper changing areas. The gift bag was also a wonderful treat. Pics below.





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