My Little Forest

My little garden is coming along great. I’ve added cucumbers, tomatoes, and green peppers. I kept them in the backyard because they can grow 3-4 feet and they’re generally outside plants anyways. I’ve set the my veggies south facing to get continuous sunlight all day.

We have a new addition to our little garden, a lemon tree to compliment the lime tree. This lemon tree, that I bought at Gethsemane Gardens, did not have much height. However, it already had 2 lemons growing. I couldn’t resist and took it home. My biggest challenge is to sustain its growth. The garden specialist at Gethsemane recommended a special acidic powder to add to citrus plants once a year and a place where it can get lots of sunlight.

The rest of the herbs are doing great. I pruned some of the basil and mint to encourage growth and the baby basils are now tweens. I’ve combined the herbs into one long pot with some turtles to keep them company.

I also bought some lavender to add to the wonderful scent of my rosemary.

And last but not least, I planted lettuce today that I will be keeping indoors because we have multiple generations of bunnies living in the backyard.

I’ll keep you updated on the lettuce growth.


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