Books, Sunlight, and Tea.


I love reading but can never commit. I always start and get through the meaty parts but then I’m happy to put the book down and start a new one. I’ve subscribed to Once Upon a Book Club box and will blog my journey here, hoping to finish more books this year. I’ve saved some books on my to-do list on Goodreads as well and hoping the list will grow. I’ve challenged myself to read 24 books this year. I’m not a book reviewer and will not attempt it. My journey is simply reading, sharing highlights, and a yeh or neh. Also, I’ll take you with me to book and reading events.

A few things about my love of books….

It’s important to know that while books are meant to be finished, if I’m not feeling it I’m dropping it. But always into giving a book a fair chance.

I love the smell and feel of books. I don’t do ebooks. I don’t usually go to the library to get a book; I love buying books. I rely on recommendations from bookworm friends and IG booknerds to shout out their thoughts on a book.

I love looking at books – I really enjoy looking at them nicely stacked on a bookshelf color coordinator or organized by size. I love to know that someone has reached inside themselves and pulled out words that offer solace, or adventure, or heart warming memories for another.

I don’t have a favorite genre. I just read the back and dive in. I look for books that can suck me in so I can imagine being the characters in the book. I enjoy books that introduce me to new ways of thinking, work my imagination, and draw me in.

So happy reading……


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