February Book Line Up




I absolutely enjoyed this month’s Once Upon a Book Club Box book In the Light of the Garden by Heather Burch.

This story comes to life through her beautiful writing with great detail, depth, and compassion. The main character, Charity, and her relationship with her grandparents is so heart warming. It truly brings a sense of warmth and innocence is one’s childhood. The story involves a magical tree, a wonderful neighbor Dalton, a runaway Daisy, and her Uncle Harold, and her estranged Mother, Ellen. The emotions this story brings is magical and descriptive, you’ll start looking for a weeping willow. As the story evolves, you can almost relate to Charity’s awkwardness, love, and forgiveness. Her passion for welcoming people into her home and life was powerful and commendable. Heather Burch shows us family isn’t always biological, but family should always take first place in our lives. If you have imagination and want a little pixie magic, this book is a must read. I think about this book even when I’m not reading it.

In the Light of the Garden: 5 stars                                                                                                               Once Upon a Book Club Box Surprises: 5 stars

The surprises were great and complimented the book well (spoiler below). Enjoy!!



P. 14 Surprise: The grandfather’s lawyer, Emily’s handbag depicted when her and Charity first meet.


P. 44 Surprise: Charity’s grandfather left her a drawstring bag with “dust” and a note, “Charity, Add one scoop to each order. Love, Gramps”


P. 166 Surprise: Charity and Daisy found pictures of her Uncle Harold and Grandmother together before her grandmother and gramps married in a trunk.


P. 187 Surprise: An umbrella that Mrs. Creedy had to get ready for the hurricane.


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