Indoor Greens

This is a very late post but better late than never.... Back in October, we realized we had so many fruit trees and veggie plants outside that needed warmth and more sunlight. Winter in Chicago, especially the winter that hit us this year, gets really bad. I researched all options and found the Gorilla Grow … Continue reading Indoor Greens


Urban Gardening at Peterson Garden Project

Sam and I have done so much gardening throughout the year. The indoor greenhouse we put together (see other post "Indoor Greens") has been wonderful stabilizing our herbs, fruits, and vegetable. However, we've had some losses. Since the temperature has been rising, more sunlight, and rain in Chicago, we've taken out all the plants and … Continue reading Urban Gardening at Peterson Garden Project

Chicago Color in Motion 5K Race

A gloomy, rainy day in Chicago. An added disappointment because it's June 2nd and summer is really late. Usually by the time my June 5K comes around, I'm planning how to carry my water bottles and sweat towel while I run. Today, I was wearing 2 shirts, a sweater, 2 shorts, and long socks. The … Continue reading Chicago Color in Motion 5K Race

Chicago’s Lincoln Ave

Lincoln Ave. is a major street cutting through the heart of Chicago. In addition, it's home to the most popular neighborhoods filled with shops, eateries, and a busy nightlife. It runs from Clark St. on the western border of Lincoln Park largely to the northwest, ending in Morton Grove, Illinois. It leaves the city limits of Chicago at Devon Ave. The total … Continue reading Chicago’s Lincoln Ave