It All Began with a Ring…

Hi there!! I wanted to start a blog for a few reasons…

My first reason for starting a blog is to post our adventures and beautiful landmarks around Chicago. I was born and raised in the City of Chicago but quickly realized after I met my husband last year, I really haven’t enjoyed what Chicago had to offer. Taking advantage of the cultures, food, and art around Chicago without breaking the bank was our primary goal. My husband grew up in Ohio and moved here 15 years ago but since the first day I met him, it seemed as if he just moved here. I fell in love with his adventurous side and he whisked me away to parts of Chicago I never knew existed or appreciated.

Sam and I would take train rides to the south tips of Chicago and walk miles on the beach of Lake Michigan. These “adventures” would prove to have a lifetime of enjoyable moments together. Although, we have ventured out to other cities to feed our curiosity.

As Sam and I were closer to marriage and home life together, we discussed many times that we didn’t need a life of extravagances and “keeping up with the Joneses”. While we both have great jobs, we agreed that our finances would focus on buying a home and our love for food. We found ways of cutting costs, in the home and outside the home, which we will be sharing here.

My then boyfriend was skeptical of this women that didn’t want to buy high-end clothes or Gucci bags. Don’t get me wrong, I would love that stuff. However, I opt for means that will not bankrupt me. I tend to gravitate to cute finds on Craigslist, Ikea, Etsy, and thrift stores. The occasional DIY is a must!! I believe the proof that my love for cute, comfortable, and affordable was evident with the types of engagement rings I was eluding to. My research brought me to Pinterest and  Etsy. While I knew Sam would not purchase my engagement ring from a website, he needed some direction. I didn’t want the big diamond; I wanted something that would define me and define Sam and I. I wanted simple and cute and didn’t want Sam to go broke before our nuptials. On Dec. 28, 2012, my Sam surprised me with….

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This brings me to share my second reason for starting my blog….My keep-to-the-budget wedding. I had 3 months to plan my wedding, for reasons we’ll explain later, and I’ll be honest, my budget of $22,000 was a topic of multiple “discussions” between my husband and I. However, as we both researched this topic, I came across this article on wedding budgets that stated that the average Chicago wedding was $49,000. There was no way we could save and spend $49,000 on our wedding, especially in 3 months. As my wedding came and gone, I had many that were surprised at the simple but beautiful wedding I planned. I decided to share some of my experiences and finds.

Hopefully, I’ve interest you with a peak of our cute, comfortable, and affordable lifestyle. I have lots to share and much to learn…



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