Picasso Exhibit


Our adventure this past weekend was a visit to The Art Institute of Chicago. I would have never attended the exhibit myself. However, my husband’s crave for art and his extreme curiosity would not give up. Don’t get me wrong…Picasso’s art is one I appreciate. Most familiar to me is the 3-D monument at the Daley Plaza. I grew up playing and running around this horse-like statue.

photo-2 photo-4

I will admit, I was not familiar with all his work. The Art Institute showcased his work for quite some time and last weekend were the last days to learn more of this artist that loved Chicago. While walking through the exhibit, I was surprised to see many paintings I’ve already seen. I thought I’d share my favorite Picasso’s with you all.

photo photo-26 photo-25 photo-23 photo-22 photo-16 photo-17 photo-18 photo-19 photo-20 photo-21 photo-15 photo-14 photo-13 photo-12 photo-11 photo-10 photo-5 photo-6 photo-7 photo-9 photo-3 photo-1


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