100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days Challenge I started this challenge on May 6th. I believe many people forget the simple things in life; to appreciate life; and neglect to be thankful everyday for what they have. Since starting this challenge, I am more aware of the people, places, and activities I do. I used to just come … Continue reading 100 Happy Days


Chicago’s Lincoln Ave

Lincoln Ave. is a major street cutting through the heart of Chicago. In addition, it's home to the most popular neighborhoods filled with shops, eateries, and a busy nightlife. It runs from Clark St. on the western border of Lincoln Park largely to the northwest, ending in Morton Grove, Illinois. It leaves the city limits of Chicago at Devon Ave. The total … Continue reading Chicago’s Lincoln Ave

Chicago Boat Tours

If you don't get seasick, a must do in Chicago are the boat tours. Some boat companies offer different types of tours including the Chicago River, architectural and Lake Michigan tours. In addition, there are fireworks tours when Navy Pier does the weekly fireworks show. An extensive history of Chicago is given while having an … Continue reading Chicago Boat Tours

Wedding DIY Invitations

I'll be posting lots of pics from my wedding (courtesy of Christine Han Photography) but also sharing how my wedding came together. While researching weddings online and asking couples I know, I realized that couples have their opinions on what the most important parts of a wedding are and who should be involved. I was lucky … Continue reading Wedding DIY Invitations